Netties Party Pals

Reservation Contract / Service Agreement

Phone: 951 . 897 . 8612
Phone: 951 . 377 . 2956

Dear Client :
Thank You for reserving Netties Party Pals entertainment for kids!
Please fill out the contract completely or we will not be able to accept it.

If you have any questions while filling out this contract please give us a call.
We'll be glad to help! (951) 897-8612 or 951 - 377 - 2956

***Please note balance is due before we arrive or upon our arrival of event. Party will not start until balance is paid in full. We can not accept checks. Please call us if you have any questions.

We do accept balance to be paid by PayPal however, for every $100.00 paid a $3.50 charge applies. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment, you may pay as a guest. Most Debit & Credit Cards accepted.
Example: If your balance to be paid by PayPal is $300.00, add an additional $10.50.
*****Is the name on the PayPal account different than the one on this contract?

ADDITIONAL INSURED: Please fill out our form on our reservation page of our website.

By Typing your Signature and Submitting this form you are agreeing to a legal binding contract.

Nettie Party Pals
25496 Los Rancherias Rd.
Hemet, California 92545
Phone: 951 . 897 . 8612

It is important that you understand that if your balance has not already been paid, then the balance is due in cash upon our arrival. We can not accept checks.

Netties Party Pals will provide the above service, contingent upon obtaining your deposit. We will hold your date for 4 days for check arrival or online payments.
Deposits are $100 (one hundred dollars)
Balance of service to be paid upon our arrival - Cash only Please - Set up will not begin until balance is paid in full.

Parties and events are subject to refunds only if there is a Rain - Out heavy rain ( not drizzling ) We must receive a phone call 6 hours ( NO LATER ) in advance , or you will be responsible for the full amount of your party or event, no exceptions.
Please Call 6 hours before service time on the day of the party. Netties Party Pals at 951-897-8612 or 951-377-2956

Some parties that are held in public places may require a permit.
(Such as parks country clubs, ect. ) No Permit is required for a customers home.
Netties Party Pals are Not Responsible for getting customers permits.
Netties Party Pals will not issue a refund if we are asked to leave due to customer not having their permit. Customer understands and agrees that they still must pay full cost of their party.
So if you have questions, give us a call.

EVENTS: (Events are businesses, church, school, festivals, company picinics, stores, etc. ) When booking an event we must have a 50% down payment. Refunds are subject to Rain-Outs only with a 6 hour notice.
You must give a 30 day written notice to cancel and must still pay 50 % of your event. If we do not receive a 30 Day written notice you must pay the full charge for your event, sorry no exceptions.

*If at any time, in our opinion, the party developes into an unsafe situation we reserve the right to leave without refund.

*Children are not allowed to chase, hit, pick up animals or play in animal's food or water. No one is allowed to give any type of food to the animals without asking first. No Dogs Allowed around animals, this is for their safety. No food, candy or drinks are allowed in petting zoo.

*We are insured, if anyone wants to be added as additional insured there will be an additional charge from the insurance company and requires two weeks notice. Forms can be found on the reservation page of our website.

*Maximum size of pony rider is 75 lbs.

*Please understand these are all living animals and can get ill like a person . So by signing this contract you are in complete understanding that there is always the chance that this could happen and is beyond our control as well as on rare occasions we may get a flat tire or something unforeseen happens.

*Shoes are a MUST for Children and Adults around Ponies and Petting Zoo.

*All of our Animals, especially, the Goats and Sheep will eat or try to chew on clothing, jewelry or other objects. We are not liable. Please take extra care to remove any valuable personal belonging, clothing, furniture, plants, landscaping or any other objects that need to be kept away from all the animals.

PARKING: We will arrive 15 to 30 mins. early to set up for your event. It is your responsibility to please reserve 40 ft of parking space for our truck and trailer (we are close to the size of a semi truck) and easy, close (approx 50 ft.) access to party area. Exceptionally hard driveways can become a real concern. Please be ready for us, so we don't have to set up into your party time!
**We must have easy access…Otherwise a $100.00 set-up maybe added to your account and our parking and setup may extend into your service/party time or we may not be able to set up at all.
If you feel parking may be a problem, let us know right away. Together we can figure it out.

We reserve the right to change, include or exclude animals for any reason we deem necessary as we must take care of their needs, safety and comfort.
We supply hand sanitizer… please tell all the children / adults to use it after touching animals.
We will arrive 15 to 30 mins. early to set up for your event.
We value your business however we must reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. By submitting below and signing this contract I release Netties Party Pals of all liability and take full responsiblity for myself, my family, friends and guests. We look forward to helping make your special day wonderful!

Please remember to keep your phone on you the day of event. - This is so important for a smooth set-up or setup time may go into your party time.

ADDITIONAL INSURED: Please fill out our form on our reservation page on our website.

Client agrees: I agree to pay the balance for services described above.
I have read and fully understand this service contract agreement and all of its content; including the 75 lbs max for pony rider, the vehicle access (parking), everything regarding safety for persons and animals, payments and all other contents of this service agreement and confirm by submitting below.
Once this form is submitted, this reservation is confirmed.
Due to periodic changes in our contract - Please review our website for current updates to our rules, regulations and policies as our website supersedes all.